Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts

Warrior Kids Program

Warrior Kid Classes: Designed for students K-4th Grade

program-images_07Whether doing Kids Martial Arts & Taekwondo in Springboro is your idea or your child’s, we are here deliver for you both!

Parents love the lessons in respect and leadership as well as the great exercise that their children get in our classes. They like the positive changes that occur from consistent training.

Kids love the challenge of learning the new moves, the reward system of earning stripes and belts. Their favorite part of their U.L.M.A. training is that each class is unique.

We understand that your children are very impressionable and that is what drives us to deliver, class after class! Our instructors are trained to work with your child and to positively motivate them while also maintaining discipline in the classroom.
It is our pledge to consistently give you our best

Our high energy classes perfectly blend: