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About Our Academy

ulmashieldUltimate Leadership Martial Arts is a modern martial arts training center that focuses on teaching traditional TaeKwonDo as well as true leadership skills. Our classes have been structured for maximum results and enjoyment. Students, of course, learn all of the Kicks, Strikes and Blocks of TaeKwonDo, PLUS true self-defense training and escape techniques. Also, each 10 week training cycle we focus on one of our 5 Core Tenets:


About Senior Master Michael Mershad

Michael Mershad

RANK: 7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt and Master Instructor

Training Philosophy: All of us who join a Martial Arts Training Center do so in order to reach new levels of physical and mental strength. We start with the mindset of wanting to learn it all and the goal of mastering the art. That “Beginner’s Mindset” is one that must be maintained throughout one’s training, from day one to the grave… Once we loose sight of that humility, we are done moving forward. Continue to recognize that you have a long way to go, and you will see major improvements in your abilities and your motivation to get better, faster, smarter, stronger… Feelings About Being a TaeKwonDo Instructor: “Teaching brings me immeasurable joy and excitement. As in any other professions, there are those days… but once the 1st student enters the the Academy my day takes on new meaning and importance.”

Special Thanks: I thank God for my accomplishments, opportunities, and ability. I also have the best Parents out there and without their guidance and love I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Thank you to my wife who supports me and my dreams. Also my 4 daughters, Madison, Bailey, Reese and Aspen. And a big thanks to all of my students (past and present) who I have had the Awesome Opportunity of teaching!


About Our Instructors

Our Instructors are dedicated to continually bettering themselves, and in turn, the other students of the Academy. There are 6 Levels of the Instructor Program. At each level, instructors get more responsibility and experience in teaching this art. Our instructors are trained to work with students and to help them achieve their goals. In Leadership and Instructor Training Seminars, Instructors have a chance to hone their skills through different exercises, role-play drills, and seminar based teaching. While a student can become an instructor at the Green Belt Level, Instructors can not teach classes until they are well trained Black Belt Students as well!